Haruko Shimura is a 30,000 year old Celestialhide drake from the deep depths of the Antartic ice cap. He is a serious, but loving male and is the first advisior of Xian, the current broodmother. He is very docile and is very leading in his religion of Snowcarius, a dead variation of Shinto.

Personality Edit

Haruko is a caring drake, living for the ultamite goal of giving his race a chance to be reborn. His personality differs from the rest of his kind, though. He is in fact quite docile, playful, and extremely passive. With an exceptional talent as a father, he protects, fathers and serves the Black Seraph master, Leon.

If annoyedEdit

If Haruko is ever annoyed or pissed by any chance in creation, he can be a powerhouse of descrution. He's one of the more powerful Celestialhide, using snow-breathing and psionic emanations of the arms.

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