Leon is a 27 (and still aging phsically, but will stop at 40) year old folf born from the bloodline of Aria and Cindy (or Ayakashi, as some call her). He is a femboi, A.K.A. a crossdresser. With a heavy tolerance to mostly all forms of violence except murder and rape, he is a fairly calm Black Seraph. He is fathered by Haruko Shimura, a 30,000 year old Snowhide drake.

Personality Edit

Leon is a bi-persona type of furry.

Normal- LeonEdit

His normal form (symbolized as a rose in a garden) is the happy-go lucky, sensintive, and fairly loving folf. This side is usually homosexual, but shows some affection for females like Sanae, Cindy (his mother) and Legiza.

Possessed by Aria- Very Mad to Grief-StruckEdit

Aria has the occasion to wake from his soul at random intervals, possessing him and ultamitely making him a destructive force. This side is occasionally a bisexual side, with a female prefrence. (See this profile for more details.) This form's symbolized as a black rose caked in blood or a feather, scruffled and caked in blood.

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