This is the LifeLink's past. DO NOT READ unless you want spoilers.

The Computer's Origins and The Computers of the TimeEdit

Long ago, Haruko Shimura was building a super computer- the LifeLink. It was first a computer network that had a large amount of data- identities, and other important info. These are the following computers of that network, and their functions.


Xerxes is the identity storage unit of the LifeLink network, making new I.D. cards everytime there is a birth. The I.D. cards are then given to the parents of the child to hold on to until Kindergarten- then the cards are used by the children. The photos are renewed every year on their birthday.


Shodan is the computer in the LifeLink network that specializes in battle related manuvers. As a self defense computer, this was used to enlist people into the military, navy, air squad, and other nessecary military or law enforcement areas.


Kaguya, as the name suggests, is used as a royalty and election based system. Using an extremely well balanced program, it will boot up a screen nearby people who can vote. These screens follow the person until they have voted, so they can vote on the go. The program was extremely well maintained, and gave the programmer massive amounts of respect.

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