Shadow was once a powerful fox magician that had discovered a spell for immortality. She used this spell on herself and obviously lived a long time, but some evil warlocks found out about her spell and were determined to get it from her. She was attacked by several powerful warlocks. They defeated her and left her broken and dying. Until the still young Wolvixian prince Riu Err'en Err'en had helped Shadow by turning her into a Wolviex, making her Immortal from time, and injury. So know she lives on as Err'en's queen and the mother of his first born son Xy'ren.

Personal dataEdit

Name: Shadow Syacu Sarus

Gender: Female

Body Build: Slim, slightly muscular, Curvy and sexy.

Breasts Size: 46 DD

Height: 6'8

Weight: 140 lbs

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